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The nice thing of Brikki is that you can create stories as well!

So, do you have a nice idea for Brikki? Send it to hello@brikki.com.

Karsten and Ingmar will turn it into a story. Just like they did with these drawings from other children.

But wait, please read Brikki's rules, before sending your idea.


Do you like Brikki? Become friends with Brikki! Then you can read a new story every day!


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Did you know that there's also a real life Brikki? Because with Brikki's playing bricks, you can make stories as well. That's playing and storytelling in one :).

With his playing bricks, Brikki visits nice events. Just take a look below. With many thanks to Alfons Dolsma for creating Brikki's bricks.

Brikki at PICNIC

Brikki at Cinekid (coming soon)


Brikki went to PICNIC. PICNIC likes Brikki because Brikki makes children the boss. And Brikki shows grown ups what they can learn from children.

So grown ups could play around all day and make their own stories. And that worked, their Brikki stories are really funny!

Monday at PICNIC
Tuesday at PICNIC


This movie shows what happened at PICNIC on Monday. Here's Tuesday's movie clip.


And these are the stories the grown ups made on Monday.

Brikki likes to look at the traffic. He sees many pretty lights!

Brikki is very happy. He is with his friend that arrived in a spaceship.

Wow! I have so many candies ! I don't want to share !!!!

Wondering where to go and what to go and listen to!

The boat sails on the water.

Maarten Naaijkens
Brikki @ Amsterdam Dance Event

Juul Likkebaard
Brukki and brokki aren't ordinary brikki's. They change continuously. Brokki just changed into a rabbit.

With my balloon I'm walking through the garden. What do I see?

Joost and Mabel
Brikki is sad. He misses an ear. He can't listen to his favorite songs. Mikki arrives. She sees that Brikki is sad. What happened Brikki, she asks. I'm missing one of my ears. I can't listen to my favorite songs. Do you want this ear, asks Mikki. Yes, says Brikki. Here you go, says Mikki. Brikki can smile again. And hear again. And he found a new friend.

Darren Bristow
On a sunny day Brikki likes to play ball in the garden. Today he is pretending to be Premier League referee Howard Webb :-) x

Karin Lindenhovius
It's Brikki's birthday. Mommy made a hat and put up decorations. There are many presents. Do you know what's in them?

Upside down everything's different. Brikki is curious how the world looks upside down. The same, but different. What do you see when you're upside down?

This is Brikki. He loves candy and exploring worldwide traditions. He is having a lot of fun breaking a mexican piñata.

Staci and Nienke in love @ ...?!

Marlies and Leon
Brikki is shot from a cannon. On his skateboard he goes underwater, fast to the jump for a bloody good tripple gaylord swing.

Ure Brinkmeier
Brikki walks his doggy along the canals and falls in the water. His doggy can't pull him out, but at the horizon two ghosts appear, who help Brikki in a miraculous way.

Brikki is a pirate today. On the wild North Sea he has many adventures. But what's that!?! Oh noooo!


And this is PICNIC on Tuesday.


These are the stories that were made at PICNIC on Tuesday.

Brikki is excited about a new day full of adventures.

Cammy Tran from Headroom
Once upon a time there was a girl named Ella Bean. She didn't feel at home in the real word, because everyone was different from her. When she closes her eyes, she meets her friends, who all look a bit funny, just like her.

Darren Bristow
Brikki gets some last minute advice from his coach as he prepares to take on Oscar Pistorius in the Paralympic 100m final.

Farid Tabarki
How can we ensure a smooth transition from the old to the new system or is it revolution galore?

Manuel Pueyo
This is about a happy guy with a connected heart and

Catch oldy!

Zameer Razack

Models at work
There once was a universe full of strange planets. On every planet there were living people or animals and there was 1 planet in the shape of a king. This planet ruled over the universe. But the other planets didn't like this anymore and attacked. But the king thrived and for ever stayed the strongest in the empire.

Brikki needed some time off, so he went camping and made fire to roast a sausage.

Stéphane and Corentin
Captain hook kills ugly Bad pirate during the so called Brikki War (2012-2013). But ugly bad pirate's ghost comes back and uses his superpowers to take revenge and manages to steal Captain Hook's soul.

Brikki daddy is walking with brikki baby.


Patrick de Zeeuw
I'm Jim and I still have to shave my beard today.

Oh jeeh what's that
It's a big yellow ball with red balls, hey that's fun
Sting, sting, stingerdesting
Bzzzzzz bzzzzzzz bzzzzzzz
Run Brikki run!
These are angry bees
Bzzzzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzz
Brikki runs.

Ronald and Ingmar
Baby Brikki plays soccer. This is not so difficult. Because his opponent is sleeping.



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